Elope at our Wedding Chapel

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Ready to get hitched? Elope in our Cute Little Wedding Chapel Today. Open 24/7 by appointment. It is the perfect option to get instantly married. Get your Marriage License, ceremony and proof of marriage all at the same time. It takes 30 min or less and can be so much fun.

get your marriage license

So here is the process......

If you have your marriage license already - just set an appointment and come in.

If you dont have your marriage license  - no worries we can issue it to you instantly.

When you come in we issue and/or sign your marriage license and then take you into the chapel to get married

When you get married at our Cute Little Wedding Chapel you can choose our indoor or outdoor chapel areas.

License and Ceremony Packages start at $199 to $499 for 

After the ceremony we send off your marriage license to the county clerks office and they record the license and send you your copies.

It can be just the 2 of you or our chapels and terrace seat up to 30 guests.

Rings, Photos, Video and Available.

"We wanted a quick ceremony with just some immediate family. Our Cute Little Wedding Chapel was perfect! It was just what we wanted." Source: User7244154 - WEDDING WIRE

Wedding Chapel Pricing 

Includes: Choice of Officiant/Notary, Chapel, Ceremony Marriage License*

0-4 Guests $299  If you have your Marriage license $209 On Sat and Sun and Holidays Add $50

5-14 Guests $399 If you have your Marriage license $309

15-30 Guests $499 If you have your Marriage license $409


Every Wednesday 10am to 2pm ONLY - Just the 2 of you no guests in the Chapel - Ceremony Only $120 - License and Ceremony $199*

We do not count small children in the guest count. Rule of thumb: if they can sit on your lap, then they don’t count!

*Plus $45 notary fee for marriage license. Certified copies are $15 each (we recommend two)

chapel guys

"Alan was the perfect choice for us.  He truly made our wedding very memorable"  Source: Bob- YELP

Elvis weddings and other cosplay available

Prices listed are guidelines. Your officiant and/or notary will advise you on total package price based on your choices.